Tyson Drugs On the Square

Tyson Drug Company is a locally owned and operated retail pharmacy located on the historic square in Holly Springs, MS. We offer a range of innovative services not commonly offered at big box stores such as Med Sync, Compliance Packaging, Free Local Delivery, and more. At Tyson Drugs, we pride ourselves on these services and are dedicated to putting our patients’ needs first. In the constantly changing world of pharmacy, we’re always learning new ways to better our patients’ health and improve the practice of retail pharmacy.

Bob Lomenick, Owner/Pharmacist

Bob Lomenick is a 1977 graduate of the Ole Miss School of Pharmacy and long-time owner of Tyson Drug Company. Through his years of experience and service to the pharmacy industry, Bob has pioneered and developed several innovative models in the practice. These innovative models are centered around Bob’s vision of a Medication Synchronization service that enables patients to receive their medications in one convenient monthly trip to the pharmacy. This service has created countless benefits to patients and has also shown to improve medication adherence. 

Due to Bob’s commitment to patient care, he has been active throughout the state and nation in the practice of pharmacy where he is a founding member of the Mississippi Independent Pharmacies Association on which he served as a Chairman of the board for three years. Currently, he remains an active member of The Mississippi Pharmacist Association and The National Community Pharmacist Association where he is recognized by his peers for his contributions to the profession and is a highly sought-after speaker on the implementation of synchronization services and its impact on medication adherence. Because of Bob’s forward-thinking approach to patient care, he has been honored as a recipient of several awards, including: Upsher-Smith Drug Company Excellence in Innovation Award, McKesson Drug Company Pharmacy of the Year Award, Pharmacy Development Services Entrepreneur of the Year, McKesson Drug Company Entrepreneur of the Year, Pharmacy Development Services Outstanding Leadership Award, and the Pharmacy Times Next Generation Pharmacist Award.

Not relying on his own personal success, Bob strives to give back to the community and takes pride in precepting upcoming pharmacists as he remains active with the Ole Miss Pharmacy School where he received his own education. In addition to serving on previous Dean Well’s advisory board, he currently sits on Dean Allen’s Board of Visitors Committee where he proudly manages one of two community residency programs affiliated with the school.

Recently appointed to the Board of Directors for the Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network, he was also appointed as a Luminary for the local chapter of CPESN Mississippi, a network of “high performing” pharmacies that focuses on patient outcomes in addition to “filling prescriptions.”

With a vision statement reading, “Beyond just dispensing medications, we strive to help our customers live longer and healthier lives,” Bob and his team are dedicated to serving their local communities.



In the early days of Holly Springs, Dr. Jasper Butler opened a medical center and pharmacy at the location of current Tyson Drug Co. In those days, a doctor treated injuries and a pharmacist gave out drugs which were alcohol or laxatives. Most thought that what one didn’t cure the other would remove. Another two common ingredients were opium and heroin.

One of the first pharmacist at Tyson Drug Co. told of seeing Civil War Vets with limbs missing, sitting on benches on the Courthouse lawn sipping from small bottles, until they would pass out and fall to the grass. No one bothered them, and they would later get up and sit back down to continue their “treatment.”

The telegraph was in the rear of the store and on election nights, or any other important event, people would gather here. Tyson’s became a “social center” where meetings and plans were carried out. A long list of doctors operated offices here or very near as it was common knowledge that this was the “medical center.” Some of the names and connections are important to the history of the entire mid-south area. One doctor’s friend was the father of famous Memphis Mayor Ed Crump.

In 1862, Holly Springs was occupied by the Union Army whose purpose was to gather and store supplies mostly at the Railroad for General Grant’s march on Vicksburg. The members of the Drum and Bugle Corp. occupied the law office upstairs next to the Tyson building. Several years later, one member returned and told of being asleep upstairs when the rebel yells woke him and the others up at dawn. He went downstairs and while peeking around the corner toward the depot, a bullet clipped the column just above his head. He then ran down the street, through the cemetery and across the rail road beyond. The chip can still be found by those that know about it.

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After Butler passed away, the building became People’s Bank and a vault was installed, which still remains today. Unfortunately, banks didn’t service long in those days and before too long Joe Tyson, a young pharmacist came along. He took over the business and named it Tyson Drug Co. The Tyson family also operated Tyson’s Hotel one block south.

Joe Tyson operated the pharmacy until it was bought by Elton McIntosh and Cliff Harviel. Around that time a fountain that featured curb-side service was added. During those days, one eye-catching regular was Elvis Presley who could be seen enjoying ice cream in his pink Cadillac. Then, nearly thirty years ago, Bob Lomenick came in and is now the owner and operator.

One thing we offer that large chain stores do not is personal service. Few other places know your name, your family and your friends like Tyson Drug Co.

We look forward to serving you!