Notice: Right Way Meds is now Tyson Med Packs

Effective May 2023, Right Way Meds is merging operations into our main location, Tyson Drugs.  You may still reach our Med Pack team (formerly Right Way Meds) at:  (662) 252-8913 Our patients should not expect any changes to their monthly calls, deliveries, copays, or friendly service; however, new prescriptions should be forwarded to Tyson Drugs […]

What are Tyson Med Packs?

Med Packs. Pill Packs. Compliance Packaging. What are they and why would I consider giving up my pill planner? Let’s try an easier question: When’s the last time you sorted medications? Was it last Sunday, or was it this morning? Sorting medications is a task that more than half of all Americans are faced with […]

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