Pharmacy Consulting led by Practicing Pharmacists

The next generation of Community Pharmacy is alive and thriving. Learn from our owner and practicing pharmacists how to enhance your practice and open new revenue streams for your business.

"We currently have 623 patients enrolled in our Sync Program. This month sync fills have represented 40.3% of our completed prescriptions and our business is up 28%+ since when we were at your [Tyson Drugs] store.

Now, I am looking into how we can grow and diversify our business. That's the part that excites me."
Mark Dearth
Henderson Family Pharmacy

Pharmacy Consulting

Learn pharmacy-related business models including: Medication Synchronization, Adherence Packaging, & Clinical Services to help grow your community pharmacy and expand patient care services.

Programs include:

“Kickstarting Adherence in Your Pharmacy” – includes 4 hours of accredited CE
By taking advantage of this program, pharmacists, technicians, and pharmacy owners can visit Tyson Drug Co. to learn about our well-known medication adherence program. Enroll in our Adherence Program Kickstarter to get 4 hours of hands-on time with owner/pharmacist Bob Lomenick to learn about how he continues to grow his pharmacies and enhance patient care. You will also learn how you can expand or initiate an adherence program of your own by using medication synchronization, plus we are able to offer 4 hours of accredited CE for your participation in the program.

“Clinical Services Kickstarter”
Participate in our comprehensive 4 hour Clinical Kickstarter, a program designed to help independent community pharmacies expand their footprint in their communities by providing enhanced clinical services. Specifically, you’ll learn about exciting new opportunities for physician partnership such as Medicare Annual Wellness Visits, Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring!

Bob Lomenick


Austin Crocker

Lead Clinical Pharmacist

Practice at the top of your license.