What are Tyson Med Packs?

Med Packs. Pill Packs. Compliance Packaging. What are they and why would I consider giving up my pill planner?

Let’s try an easier question: When’s the last time you sorted medications? Was it last Sunday, or was it this morning? Sorting medications is a task that more than half of all Americans are faced with on a daily or weekly basis; and whether you’re doing it for yourself or someone you care for, we can all agree there are better things you could be doing with your time.

How about another task we’re all familiar with: Making a trip to the pharmacy. How often do you visit your local pharmacy each month? On average, the answer is 3-4 times per month. Maybe your pharmacy offers delivery or shipping, but doesn’t it become exhausting keeping up with refills on multiple prescription medications?

Introducing: Tyson Med Packs

At Tyson Drugs, we believe we’ve discovered the answers to these troubling tasks; and we’re proud to say that our pharmacy has take the hassle out of managing medications for hundreds of patients. In short, Tyson Med Packs are your pre-sorted monthly pill planners that are filled and delivered to your door each month. So say goodbye to sorting medications and making several trips to the pharmacy each month, and say hello to the new age of retail pharmacy. Each Med Pack contains your full medication regimen customized to a specific date and time according your doctor’s instructions. So expect your morning doses on Tuesday at 8AM, followed by your evening doses at 6PM, and so on.

You may have heard of the service before. Maybe your local pharmacy offers Med Packs, or maybe you’ve heard of the big-box stores’ version of the service. Either way, compliance packaging is gaining popularity because health care professionals can agree that patients using compliance packaging are better at taking their medications. Not only is it convenient for patients and caregivers; but its also more effective compared to traditional bottles. Do you ever forget whether or not you’ve taking your daily medications? This is no longer an issue with Tyson Med Packs; simply check your current Med Pack to verify you’re on schedule.

Tyson Drugs – The New Age Local Pharmacy

So who exactly is Tyson Drugs and how are we different than the big-box stores? We’re an independent pharmacy located in the small town of Holly Springs, MS and we’re on a mission to bring Med Packs to our area along with the true, personalized care you expect from your local pharmacy. We believe that our Med Packs are a tool and our relationships with patients and prescribers are the driving force behind our patients’ enhanced healthcare.

Our pharmacy goes beyond the simple service of pre-sorting your medications. We contact our patients and caregivers each month in order to provide an exceptional pharmacy experience. By using our pharmacy, you can expect personalized customer service, trusted pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, and the simplest method of managing your medications. The best part: our service is free. You simply pay your copays and we take care of the rest!

How Can I Get Started?

Getting started is simple, we just need a little information about you. Give us a call on our Toll Free Line at 1-888-252-3773 and we’ll begin preparing your first Med Packs!


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